You do not have to choose between profitability & sustainability, between advancing the economy or protecting the environment. You can enjoy both. 

Since 2008, we have provided professional services contributing to nearly one billion dollars worth of business development and market expansion, the direct and indirect creation of more than 5,000 jobs and the reduction of millions of tons of harmful greenhouse gas emissions and super climate pollutants. 


E&A provides political, organizational leadership, business development, energy and asset related consultation, brokerage and representation, with expertise in the renewable natural gas (RNG, biomethane or upgraded biogas) industry.


  • Consultation: expert understanding of the North American politics that promulgate policies, and the legislative and regulatory processes which impact industry markets, related business development, economic profitability and environmental sustainability.


  • Brokerage: introductions to a unique and extensive network of established relationships; direct access to opportunities for strategic partnerships and business transactions across a variety of markets, industries and sectors.


  • Representation: trustworthy representation of residential, commercial and industrial energy assets and interests, including sales and acquisitions, development and expansion, profitability and sustainability.

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